Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I am speechless...

Today I received a loving e-mail from one of my sisters reminding me to really check what I write on here. At first I was so embarrassed because I really thought I did my homework. However, I can't ask someone else to recheck their stuff and stand corrected if I won't. So, I went back and did some more research...and, now I'm really frustrated! 

Here is what I found: Barack Obama did NOT sponsor OR co-sponsor the bill on sex education for grades k-12. Obama voted for the legislation in committee on a party-line vote. The bill never even made it to Senate. Okay...I stand corrected. 

Here is what I learned: 1) I read my information off of a website I thought was fair and accurate. However, I'm not sure there is such a thing right now. 2) Honest, I was angry about what I understood to be true and didn't continue my search for truth. 3) I am going to try not to be so HOT!!

So, thank you, Becki for helping me calm down enough to check out the truth again. I think the biggest thing I have learned from Becki is NOT to believe what you read/hear. She said that the best way to check the truth is to check the government webpages themselves. 

Thank you for hearing me continue my search for truth. I do want to make myself clear that my disappointment lies with those that believe that McCain cannot win on truth, or people that have to smear either candidate with lies. I know the value of the truth and I intend to keep searching for it...

For now, I am not going to delete my previous post. I think it is an important reminder to me just how important it is to SEARCH and DIG for the truth. It's so unfortunate that it's not there for the taking.

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Becki Francy said...

Proud of you. Don't like the fact that he did a "party line" vote. That says something to me...but I am proud of you for admitting a wrong. Don't be mad....it happens to the best of us. Why do you think I read everything before I vote? Because I am psycho crazy and don't believe anyone...not a good place to be!!!!!