Saturday, November 15, 2008

A new normal with Ann Marie...

Today I picked up Ann Marie from her retreat at church. This was the Merge Weekend Retreat for 5th and 6th graders. For the next 2 years they will go through mentoring as they "merge" into the youth group! So, the weekend went like this:

We are so excited for Ann Marie as she grows up and starts exerting her independence. She loves her family intensely...we have to keep that in front of us as she starts this new journey. 

While on the retreat she hung out with the older kids, and regularly reminded me NOT to share any embarrassing stories and pics with her newfound friends! What? ME?? NEVER!! 

Then, I left my little girl this morning. Something happened today. She came home asking to be treated like a girl her age. What does that mean, I asked her? She said, enough with those baby names! (Oh, my heart...) And, what is up with this bedtime on the weekends? (Oh, dear Lord...) So, helping her embrace this new "mature" Ann Marie, we talked about names that were bothering her. Then, we discussed the bedtime issue. Looks like we have some more talks coming on this one.

Then, we came home to share with daddy all of the stories from the retreat! After dinner, Ann Marie and I went to PetCo while Sean stayed with Lauren. I came home and found Lauren sitting in the living room by herself. I asked were Sean was. She said that he went to take a shower. I went in to the bathroom and found a very sad daddy. I had to control my giggles as I listened to him saying that he had been standing in the shower singing Butterfly Kisses to himself!!! He said that he's having a hard time with this!! 

So, pray for us as we learn to not only teach Ann Marie how to be responsible with this independence, but that Ann Marie can make good choices and be honest about her bad ones. Also, pray for her daddy...he loves his girls! I think that I watched mom go through this in such a way that I am not fearful or sad. However, Sean did point out that we live a whole mile away from mom and dad! ;o) 


Anonymous said...

LOVE the pic!! Amazing she is growing up as she is!! We're so proud of her and thankful you are at SHBC and in she will be in our youth group... Love, Noonie

Becki Francy said...

Can't believe she is growing up so fast. Glad she had fun. Love you all.

Molly said...

LOVE the update! Steph, I can't imagine the emotional mix you had in all of this. So exciting to be entering something new and into a deeper more intimate relationship with the girls, but at the same time so scary and hard to believe! Thanks for the post! I love hearing about the girls!

Laura said...

Oh goodness I can't believe our first baby in the family is getting so "mature". I am glad you shared, because I can be more sensitive to treating her "like her age".

I loved the stories, but wanted to cry with Sean! Love you!!!

Lucila said...

I remember feeling like Ann Marie and it it is funny to hear the mom side of it. I like your humor through this and Sean with the Butterfly Kisses thing totally made me cry! I can see Jim being like that when his time comes.