Saturday, January 3, 2009

This is to my sister, Becki...


When we were super little I had the hardest time keeping up with you! Mercy, from day one you had a social calendar! You kept us all on our toes. You were the guardian of all that was fair and equal. It worked out the best when you saw that something was going to be in your favor. Even then you were working your odds...planning your defense...making an attack, especially when we were unaware!

Then, we got a little older. and I clashed as teenagers. Not because there was a lack of love. We were just normal teenaged girls living in the same house...same's a stinking miracle that no one was killed! ;o)

You and I had the most embarrassing habit of getting tickled at the WORST times!! I don't know what it is - there are not many people that can merely look at me and have me on the floor in tears and fits of laughter!! And, then there is the protective side to you. Anyone who knows you has experienced this one! You will go down fast and fight hard for the ones you love. At the same time, you are one of the most kind and generous people I know. I have heard many people say about you that you would give a stranger the shirt off your back.

You were one of the people in my life that I loved first. I learned a lot about love from you. As we got older I learned a lot about life from you. As an adult, you are one of my closest and best of friends. I love you because you are my sister, but I also love who you are. I love so much about you! When you were in that car accident, Beck, I learned quick how precious you are to me. I watched that car roll and could not function with fear that you would not walk away alive. When I saw you walk away from the wreckage it was a turning point for me...I hope that you don't go many days in your life without knowing and being reminded of how much I love you!

You are precious to me, sweet sister!

All my love,
The Oldest 


Molly said...

HOLY MOLY! What are you trying to do to me!

That was incredible! Do you know how good of a writer you are? It's all that darn reading you do!

Also, I found it funny when you mentioned the two of you getting into laughing fits and you said, "we used to" or "did"! What, I remember some of these happening pretty recently!


Please pray that one day Sadie Skielar has a sister to share life with! I can't imagine life without you girls! Thanks mom and dad for putting up with all the emotional drama that went on so that we could have each other!

Laura said...

At first I was laughing at how perfect your words were...and then it became sad, or should I say sweet! I love you girls!

David said...

Okay - second try to post a comment. That had me in laughter and in tears...And many times as you mentioned you have me in laughter in tears. Only you have that effect on me where you make me laugh at the most inappropriate places! i.e. funerals...if you are reading this, we had to leave a funeral because we were LAUGHING...just for clarification...SHE STARTED IT...thanks sweet. I love you too...this is Becki even though it says david